What is Kinesiology Taping?Kinesiology_Taping_001

We apply Kinesiology taping (or Kinetic Taping) in our clinic every day with remarkable, instant, pain-free or performance improving results. This type of taping was first used by acupuncturists and chiropractors in Japan, today kinesiology tape is used by a wide variety of health professionals throughout the world to treat injuries and pain.

How is Kinesiology Tape Different from Conventional Rigid Sports Tape?

Kinesiology tape differs from other types of strapping tape in both its form and function. Most types of strapping tape are non-elastic, and are wrapped tightly around an injured joint or muscle to provide rigid support and restrict movement. They can only be worn for short periods of time, after which they must be removed to restore movement and circulation.

Kinesiology tape differs. It has unique elastic properties that allows the kinesiology tape to provide dynamic support. This provides an almost second skin that protects your joints and muscles. Plus, due to its amazing elastic properties, kinesiology tape allows full motion of your body parts. Kinesiology tape can be worn during intense exercise and in the shower.

What does Kinesiology Tape do?

Kinesiology_Taping_002Kinesiology tape has a comprehensive array of therapeutic benefits. Because it can be left on for up to a week, these therapeutic benefits are available to the injured area 24 hours a day, significantly accelerating the healing process from trauma, injuries and inflammatory conditions.

When the tape is applied, it causes a ‘lifting effect’ that lifts the skin away from the underlying tissues. In another words, it makes the skin form convulsions and wrinkles. This creates a bio-mechanical lifting mechanism that decompresses the tissue just under the skin. This decompression combined with having tape on the skin creates 3 main effects:

Pain relief:

A lot of pain generated by movement or muscle contraction is generated by nerve endings in the space between the skin and muscle. As tape decompresses this space there is less Kinesiology_Taping_003pressure on these nerve endings so pain is reduced or stopped completely at its source. Having elastic tape stuck to your skin is also believed to stimulate receptors within the skin called Mechanoreceptors. These receptors play a part in our movement awareness, or what therapists call Proprioception. Kinesiology tape ultimately allows injured athletes, workers and weekend warriors to return to sport, work or play quicker with its unique effect on pain.


Swelling Reduction:

By causing decompression the tape promotes a more normal fluid dynamic in the taped Kinesiology_Taping_004area. Swelling is better able to flow out of the area, taking with it toxins which result from inflammation and injury. Also it allows blood to have less resistance to enter the area bringing with it more oxygen and nutrients vital for healing and recovery

Lymphoedema Reduction: Based on the same physical lifting principle, kinesiology taping can be very effective in the reduction of lymphoedema.


Reduced Muscle Fatigue and Cramps:

Exercise or muscle overuse produces by-products such as lactic acid. Lactic acid builds up in the muscles at a high level and can cause poor muscle performance, fatigue and cramping. Kinesiology tape can help remove lactic acid and other exercise byproducts from the region to delay muscle fatigue and reduce cramping.

Type of Kinesiology Tape

At Footwork Podiatry, we only use the premium brand of kinesiology tape – Rocktape.

Key benefits of Rocktape compared to other brands of kinesiology tape:

Hypoallergenic – No zinc oxide or latex

Water Resistant – Can be worn for up to 5-7 days


Stretchier – Stretching component of kinesiology tape is one of the most important features that produces its unique effect on the body. Rocktape offers 180% elasticity compared to 130-150% stretch from its competitors.

Stickier – Unlike other kinesiology tapes made for rehabilitation, Rocktape is designed to be used under different sports environments. This is particularly great for knee support where the rigid strapping tape never stays on properly.

Quality – Rocktape was designed with superior snap-back which is the ability of the tape to stretch without too much resistance, yet provide assistance to muscles when they return to neutral.  A special nylon called 6/12 which is more expensive, is used to improve its performance. So whether Rocktape is being used on professional athletes, kids or arthritic octogenarians they all notice and benefit from the premium quality of the tape. Could we have used a cheaper product? Sure, but we chose not to compromise our standards because neither do you.

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