The Best Ingrown Toenail Treatment has arrived in Australia!

NAIL BRACING – revolutionizing the treatment of Ingrown Toenail and creating a new experience for people with ingrown toenail.

Guess what? No Surgery Required!

Do you suffer from ingrown toenail? Do your nails keep growing back into the skin despite professional treatments? Have you been told a nail surgery is the only method to cure this problem permanently?

Perhaps you are reluctant about nail surgery or tired of the recurring pain and ongoing treatment. Don’t fret!

Finally, there is a solution! A gentle alternative treatment to nail surgery for painful ingrown or curved toenails

How common is ingrown toenail?- IT IS SAID THAT 1 out of 10 PEOPLE SUFFER FROM INGROWN TOENAIL!


Ingrown toenail is very common and can happen to anyone from kids to elderlies, due to footwear, lifestyle and biomechanical factors such as flat feet and foot pronation. However, some people are just genetically predisposed to having ingrown toenails.

What is the problem here?

An ingrown toenail can affect your lifestyle significantly. It causes recurring pain and requires visits to the podiatrist for periodic ingrown toenail treatment.

While ingrown toenail surgery has a very high success rate to get rid of them permanently, it may not be the treatment of choice for everyone. Needle phobia, the time required to heal, breastfeeding (use of local anesthetics) and risk of infection (in particular in diabetes), can all influence the treatment decision.

Introducing The Footwork Clinic’s leading ingrown toenail treatment

Nail Bracing is a unique ingrown toenail solution using a toenail brace that corrects unhealthy toenail curvature – the source of ingrown toenail pain

With this method, the treated nail is gently lifted out of the nail fold over time without pain.


The World’s Best Ingrown Toenail Treatment

What is BS Brace?

BS Brace System is a painless ingrown toenail treatment that has been used successfully worldwide in over 30 countries for 29 years. With its advanced developed technology and high safety system, BS Brace is the perfect solution to treat people who suffer from ingrown toenails. It is the game changer for those who do not want to have surgery or already had surgery, and for those that need to get the nail treated by a podiatrist regularly.

It was first launched in Australia, registered with the TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration) and classified as a Class 1 Medical device in 2015. Now it’s finally available at The Footwork Clinic! As part of our commitment to stay at the forefront of lower limb treatment, we are the first and only trained provider in Northern Sydney to offer this revolutionary treatment!


No surgeries required! No local anesthetics needed! NO Risks, NO Pain

The mechanisms of the Brace –How it works

The treatment method involves mounting a flat German made fiberglass brace to a curved ingrown toenail. The transparent nail brace creates a spring tension that lifts and holds the toenail out of the nail bed gently and continuously while the brace is attached. The nail and the nail bed get straightened by this process.


The basic principle is based on the same physical laws as that of a leaf spring, namely using pressure and counter pressure. It fits the shape of the nail automatically and the resulting resetting forces shape and flatten the nail when the nail brace is applied.


Is nail bracing suitable for everyone?

The treatment has been tested repeatedly for over two decades. Since 1987, there have not been any reported allergies. It does not require you to cut or hook any substance under the nail plate. A painless and gentle procedure compared to using wire braces which required to be inserted under the nail and causing a strong pain.

Our nail brace is absolutely safe and suitable for everyone, even those who have diabetes. This advanced development technology and high safety system, are the reason why this treatment has been highly regarded around the world.

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The best non-invasive ingrown toenail treatment is now available at The Footwork Clinic


Our mission is to provide alternative treatment to people currently suffering from ingrown toenails as well as the millions who are susceptible to getting ingrown toenail.

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