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Do you accept Private Health Funds?

Yes, we accept all Private Health Funds. We have a HICAPS terminal onsite so you can claim directly from your Private Health fund and get your rebate immediately.

How do I get there?

We are conveniently located in The Rose Health Centre on 132 Pacific Highway, less than 20 mins drive from Sydney CBD, 5 mins drive from Chatswood CBD and 4 mins walk away from the Roseville Train Station. We are on the same side as the Roseville Cinema on Pacific Highway, 2 shops away from there, towards Lindfield.

There is a 2-hour free council parking available by entering from Maclaurin Parade then turning right into Larkin Lane.

For all Saturday and before/after hour appointments, please walk down the driveway and enter through the backdoor.

How is your treatment approach different from the others?

The most effective way to treat any conditions is to address the cause and not the just symptoms. Many of today’s medical treatment methods simply mask or accommodate the pain but going to the root of it, causing recurring or persistent pain. Our approach is to identify and address the root cause of the problem for long-lasting result, rather than applying ‘band-aid’ approach to your symptom(s).

We believe in true corrective and holistic treatment approach to improve your health. Our treatment guides and supports the body to heal itself. We do not just get rid of pain, we help you to prevent injuries, and to feel, move and perform your best!

Our integrated treatment model has a proven track record of success in resolving many debilitating conditions such as chronic heel pain, plantar fasciitis, arthritis foot pain and ankle problems. Our advanced and alternative solutions often succeed when all else has failed!

What about the cost?

While we offer different specialised treatments to achieve the best possible result for you, all types of treatments will be just part of the treatment programme to get you better. Nothing extra will be charged other than the standard appointment fees except for orthotics. Please be aware that a lot of health practitioners charge additional fees for the use of acupuncture needles, therapeutic devices, taping etc.

Don’t forget your health fund may contribute to most of the fees (rebates depend on your policy, please check with your health fund). We have a HICAPS terminal so you can claim your rebate onsite. If long-term treatment is required, your therapist will discuss the most cost effective options with you.

2 Treatments

What about Orthotics?

Orthotics are great to alleviate some of your foot and leg symptoms. However, they do NOT correct the body itself. They support your feet and legs only at the time when you are wearing them. You can wear orthotics for 10 years without getting any improvement of your feet. Why just maintain or accommodate the problem with orthotics if there is a way to improve your body? We don’t settle with good result, we aim for the best result with our integrative therapy solution.

We want to make your feet more comfortable and stable themselves rather than relying on external devices such as an orthotics. Imagine having the freedom of your feet and footwear options without worrying about your orthotics and pain.

In fact, most of our patients do not have to wear orthotics or sacrifices  the shoes they love to feel better. Discover how

What Should I Expect From Foot Mobilisation Therapy?

People generally feel more comfortable, stable and stronger on their feet without the use of orthotics or any special footwear, even for the elderly. The aim of Foot Mobilisation Therapy is to preserve and prolong the health of the feet, and reduce reliance on such external aids.

Depending on symptoms and medical history, some patients will experience instant pain relief, improved flexibility and stability after initial treatment. In other cases, it necessitates more time before treatment begin to gain traction. Once getting past the initial speed bumps, patients will notice fundamental changes leading to significant health improvements to their feet. And there is no doubt about healthier feet promotes better lifestyle and well-being!

3 Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT)

Does LLLT work for primary lymphedema?

A study has not been done for primary lymphedema patients, but we have several individual patients who have reported benefits for primary lymphedema.

Does Low Level Laser Therapy work for Lymphedema?

YES! The laser treatment unit that we use is only ONLY lymphedema treatment that has been trialled in a randomised double blind study. The laser works very effectively in about 30% of patients and with some effect in about 50% of patients. Overall 80% of patients would get effect for lymphedema with our laser.

How does laser treatment actually work?

Infra-red energy is absorbed in the cell membrane, where it induces a photo-physical reaction which directly mediates the membrane potential, resulting in the intra and extra cellular transport of photoproducts.

The ultimate photoresponse is cellular proliferation.

The cellular mechanisms are immediate, and are followed by secondary local reactions as the photoproducts interact with surrounding cells and tissue, producing such documented effects as enhanced blood and lymphatic flow, and photo-mediated neural responses. The local reactions are followed by systemic effects as the photoproducts are carried by the blood and lymphatic systems around the body, and the photo-mediated neural responses take effect.

In another words, the laser affects the individual cells and re-energises them to be more active. This new energy helps to break up fibrous tissue.

How does the hand-held unit differ from the scanning laser?

Our hand-held unit is the same wavelength as the scanning laser, however, the scanning laser is usually a much more expensive treatment and treatment time is typically longer.

The scanning laser has not been trialled in a double blind trial, but it is reasonable to expect that it would be as effective as the hand-held laser.

What are the risks of Low Level Laser Therapy?

Laser has been used since the 1960’s and there have been no reported negative effects. We do not use the laser over active cancer sites. Our laser treatment unit is a Class 1 laser and it will not burn, or raise the skin temperature. Therefore totally painless. It will not interfere with pacemakers or implants.

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