What we help

❗️Have you sprained your ankle recently?

❗️Do you have an injury that occurred in the past but still doesn’t feel right?

❗️Do you wake up with sore feet or stiff ankles in the morning?

❗️Is your heel pain affecting your lifestyle and activities, yet feels worse?

❗️Are you still in pain despite wearing orthotics or tried different treatments?

❗️Are you worried about your bunions and want an ideal solution other than surgery?

❗️Do you have concerns about your fungal nail infection or your ingrown toenail has been a recurring issue?

❗️Are you just sick of not feeling at your best because of your foot and leg problem(s)?

Don’t fret anymore! We can help!

Despite how you feel, we are here to help you feel at your best again in any way possible. Call us or message us to tell us about your health or training goal(s). We are committed to providing the highest standard and cutting-edge treatment to achieve the results that you want.

Our sports podiatrists are highly trained and experienced in assessing and treating a wide range of acute and chronic foot conditions including but not limited to the conditions below. Kindly click on one of the conditions below, and we will show you how we can help expertly.

Hands-On Manual Therapies & Functional Foot Care

We specialise in advanced manual therapy techniques and functional foot adjustment to relieve your symptoms and fix the underlying cause for long-lasting effect. Our treamtment methods achieve great outcomes with the following conditions without surgeries, injections, and even orthotics in most cases: