General and Sports Podiatrist for residents of Chatswood

At our Roseville-based foot clinic, we are committed to giving you the best care possible to heal and protect your feet and legs. Offering the highest quality of musculoskeletal care, and the best standard of equipment available, we treat all types of lower limb pain and injuries.

Whether you have attained a pain due to direct injury or because of a degenerative condition such as arthritis or plantar fasciitis, we have the clinical skills needed to help with your problems. We specialise in sports podiatry, and are experts in the parts of the lower limbs that are most affected by sport and exercise.

Largely hands on, our treatments promote the body’s own healing response to repair itself without the use of medication, injection, surgery and orthotics as much as possible – in all cases, we use a more natural and corrective approach to relieve your pain and fix the underlying cause of the problems.

Our podiatry is for everyone

Our clients include everyone from small children to elite athletes, to ensure everyone can perform at their peak. Having practiced sports podiatry for many years, we have a wealth of experience in treating many developmental conditions that may impair the state of the foot or walking ability.

Other treatment options

As well as general podiatry, our practitioners specialise in advanced clinical skills such as Foot Mobilisation Techniques, Trigenics® Functional Muscle Neurology, Active Release Techniques® (ART®), Western Medical Acupuncture, Trigger Point Therapy, Soft Tissue Mobilisation, Exercise Rehabilitation, Laser Therapy and many more. Our leading podiatrist, Mark Lin, is highly trained and experienced in managing acute and chronic neuro-musculoskeletal conditions of the lower limb.

With a range of treatments available to complement the main podiatric care, our sports podiatrists specialise in advanced hands on techniques to treat your muscle imbalances, joint misalignments, nerve entrapments and other soft tissue restrictions. Our corrective care approach focuses on addressing the underlying biomechanical causes(s) of your pain, ensuring your body is performing at its best.

We have a professional general and sports podiatrist

Our practitioners are friendly and professional, offering you complete sports podiatry services to relieve your pain and fix the underlying cause. We have flexible appointment times to ensure you are able to visit at the time you preferred.

Make an appointment with our friendly staff in our foot clinic today, servicing clients in Chatswood and experience the difference of advanced musculoskeletal care.