Ankle Sprains / Ankle Pain / Ankle Stiffness/ Weak Ankles

We often sprain or roll our ankles outward due to different reasons, such as landing awkwardly from netball, falling from a height, or from a motor vehicle accident. Ligaments (fibrous tissues that hold the bones in place) would also get compromised as an result of that. This leads to shift or displacement of our bones in the ankle. Unless we address the subluxation, the ankle would become permanently weak or unstable, and increase the likelihood of further injuries in the future. In additional, this would also cause other structures (e.g. muscles, tendons) to be forced to compensate leading to other symptoms in the foot and leg.

Yes, ankle brace, supportive shoes and foot othotics can help stabilise the foot and reduce the compensations associated with the weak ankle. However, they only work when you are wearing them and they do not correct the body itself.

We want to help you to enjoy the freedom of your feet without relying on any external supports. Our approach is to correct the ankle itself by improving the joint positioning, strengthening the muscles and stabilising the joints. In other words, we will work to improve your feet rather than just working on your shoes and orthotics.

Effective solutions for ankle sprains, ankle pain, ankle stiffness, weak ankles:


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