Ankle Stability

Ankle Sprains / Ankle Pain / Ankle Stiffness/ Weak Ankles We often sprain or roll our ankles outward due to different reasons, such as landing awkwardly from netball, falling from a height, or from a motor vehicle accident. Ligaments (fibrous tissues that hold the bones in place) would also get compromised as an result of that. This […]


Killara’s Trusted Sports Podiatrist Are you experiencing foot pain? At Footwork Podiatry, we are the leading sports podiatrists in North Sydney and treat patients from Lindfield to Killara. Treating a variety of foot and ankle problems, we can provide you with advanced treatment to alleviate chronic foot pain. Whether you are suffering from a muscle […]


Podiatrist in Lindfield At Footwork Podiatry, we provide advanced lower limb and sports care for all our clients. If you are experiencing foot pain in Lindfield, contact us for advanced sports care and quality podiatrists. We provide comprehensive assessment and treatment options to help anyone from elite athletes to small children with musculoskeletal issues. Feel […]

High Arches and Flatfeet

High Arches and Flatfeet, both place abnormal biomechanical stresses and loads on different structures of the foot and leg. These stresses and loads on your muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints, translate to the symptoms that you have been feeling throughout your body. Our ‘hands-on’ treatment techniques will improve your high arches or flatfeet, by releasing the […]

Soft Tissue Mobilisation Techniques

Soft tissues are the body cells that surround and support your skeletal system. They include muscles, nerves, tendons, ligaments, cartilage and other connective tissue such as fascia. These tissues are often under stress or damaged due to flatfeet, high arches, poor alignment of your foot and ankle, restricted foot joints or simply twisting your ankle. At […]

Foot Mobilisation Therapy

The practice of Foot Mobilisation Techniques is a specifically developed form of manual therapy aimed at improving foot and leg function. We perform  these techniques to target joints of the foot and ankle which are stiff, poorly aligned, displaced or dysfunctional and aim to gradually restore the way they function..This can be a highly effective […]

Heel Pain

Heel Pain / Heel Spurs / Arch Pain / Plantar Fasciitis Symptoms of Plantar Fasciitis including heel and arch pain, are the most common foot complaints anywhere in the world. Typically, people complain of sharp pain getting out of bed in the morning, bruising or aching type of pain on weight-bearing during the day, and is generally […]


What is Trigenics®? TRIGENICS® is a neurological muscle assessment treatment and training system which reprograms the way the brain communicates with the body to instantly relieve pain and increase strength and movement and enhance performance. It is currently practiced by over 2000 doctors, therapists and trainers in 25 countries worldwide. Mark Lin, our principal therapist, is the first […]

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