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As the leading North Sydney sports podiatry clinic, we treat a range of foot and ankle problems to alleviate chronic and severe foot pain. We attend to all sources of pain, including ankle sprains and muscle strains, plantar fasciitis, heel spurs and arthritis, to ensure your feet and lower limbs are pain-free.

We treat everyone from small children to elderly people to elite athletes, and possess a specialist range of knowledge about the unique conditions afflicting everyone.… Read more about us

Sports podiatry for injuries

We specialise in treating injuries gained from sporting or exercise and daily wears and tears. Through a combination of biomechanical examinations, foot X-ray interpretation, hands on joint testing, muscle assessment and gait analysis, our sports podiatrist diagnoses and treats a wide range of sports-related problems. A large focus when treating such injuries with sports podiatry is ensuring the issue does not reoccur. As well as treating the immediate pain, we develop a treatment plan that treats the source of the chronic problem to prevent the pain from coming back. Whether you run as a hobby, cycle to work, compete in athletics events or other team activities, we have the specialist knowledge and clinical skills to heal and strengthen your body.

Our podiatrist is here to help

Boasting friendly and professional service, our foot clinic’s specialist sports podiatrists are ready to treat your pain and injuries. Degree-qualified and registered by leading accreditation bodies, our podiatrists are trustworthy health care providers, ready to provide you the best quality service. Mark Lin, Principal Sports Podiatrist and Director at Footwork Podiatry at our Northern Sydney foot clinic, also specialises in a range of specialised treatments, including Foot Mobilisation Techniques, Trigenics® neuro-muscular strengthening and lengthening, Active Release Techniques® (ART® ), shockwave therapy for chronic heel pain, low level laser therapy, western medical acupuncture, trigger point therapy, soft tissue mobilisation, kinesiology sports taping, computerised custom orthotics, fungal nail laser treatment, and painless nail bracing for ingrown toenails. Based in Roseville, we are an easy option for residents of the Sydney’s North Shore including Chatswood, Lindfield and Killarney Heights. Our reception will help you book an appointment time that suits you – with flexible appointment times and an online booking system, our podiatrist offers a convenient foot and ankle clinic.
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